18 Mayıs 2010 Salı

My Private June Forecast - A Tribute to Susan Miller

Dear Susan,

What a month in store! This month, many aspects are shining on my chart!

By the way, this is the first time I wrote my personal monthly report. I have been one of your followers since 1997 and first day of each month I felt eager to see your Astrologyzone was updated. Since 1997, many things changed but my love for Astrologyzone did not, dear Susan!

June holds many important dates for me. Let’s look at these now.

With the eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn axis, I lost many resources both materially and morally. The eclipses were in my second and eight houses. And also with Pluto and North Node transiting from my eight house, I can say that I am in a period of transformation. This transformation is somewhat related with my natal Neptune. Neptune is in the seventh house of my natal chart. Do you understand what I mean? I am sure, you do!

So, I will be appearing in the court this month as a result of transformation in my eight house. Many of us resist changes but any endings offers new beginnings. So, I force myself to be optimistic about the new beginnings and trying not to get upset about the past. The past is a wall, that will be preserving me from the old faults and wounds. The future holds many oppurtunities as well as many people who value loyalty, devotion and family ties.

I must admit I am quite excited about February, 2011 when the transit Moon and Venus will meet with my natal Jupiter in my ninth house. I hope it works as I hoped. As an intuitive Scorpio, I believe there is a hope for me!

With Saturn transiting through Libra to Virgo in my fifth house, I think I will have some more problems with the subjects of this house (true love and children) for a period of time. Anyway, because Saturn slided towards Virgo, some elements about these issues seem to lose heaviness. Hopefully!

As a Gemini rising, I have many Gemini friends and I will continue attending birthday parties - which started by the half of May - and living the pleasure of choosing presents for my beloved friends. In June, I will be celebrating at least three birthdays which I never forget to.

With Uranus and Jupiter transiting in my eleventh house, I think I will be surrounded by many supportive friends and it is a great luck for me to be surrounded by these precious people. Making new friends is a thing but keeping the old ones is more than an Oscar prize. Just like the song I learned when I was small: “ Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold!”

The new moon will be in Gemini on June 12 this month. So a new phase of life will be beginning and I will be displaying myself as I am more than ever because the new moon will be in my first house. The effects of this new moon will be felt in the following two weeks. I will, happily, be travelling and having a holiday through 19th to 27th of June. I will be with two people which I am literally tied with an umbilical cord: my mother and my dear daughter!

I am anxious about one date which is the date of the lunar eclipse, June 26. The full moon lunar eclipse will appear in the cusp of my eight house and will be naturally opposed with the Sun and with – I am afraid about that - my natal Saturn in my second house. I hope, I will not lose one more resource!

I want to finish this report as you generally do, by saying: The month ends up with happy news! Well, happy news is next month, on July 23th, I will be celebrating my daugher’s seventh birthday :)


This month is a landmark month for me. There will be a one very specific date for me, June 15, when I will be ending my marriage legally. After this date, don’t think that many things will change in my life. However, it will be a shift of mind set for me; I will get out of the fog that Neptune has been pouring to my seventh house of committed relationships.

I will happily shop for presents for my Gemini friends and as Mercury is not retrogating I don’t think I will have trouble for finding suitable and non-problematic gifts.

I will be enjoying summer in Mediterraen shores and sliding to the swimming pool with my daugher. She will enjoy being in a holiday village with her mother who forced her to finish her homework during the school semester. However, it is the mother’s duty to teach the children about their responsibilities first, than come the fun.

Dates to Note:

No need to say this but I am not as experienced as you are. I tried to forecast how June will be like for me.

So, this is the date to note: May 18, the day I am writing this report :)


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Kızım süpersin ya, şapşal yaaa :)) Bu kadını birlikte okuduğumuz, taa sene 1997 zamanları geldi aklıma. Allah iyiliğini versin.

Sibel dedi ki...

Versin böcüğüm versin...İçimdeki deliyi saklamıştım bi süredir, yeniden çıkarayım dedim.. İyi etmişim de mi?

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